How to Maximize the Value of Your Startup Lawyer with Technology

Lawyer vs. Software

Let me start by saying Clerky and other automated legal software like Shoobx are not replacements for hiring a startup lawyer. Hiring a lawyer is important for your startup’s success because they act as a trusted advisor who can give you high-value legal advice and provide specialized expertise. While finding the right lawyer for your startup can often be tricky, referring to some tips on How To Hire a Lawyer can be a great starting point. You might be running a startup with a lean legal budget, but you still want to work with your lawyer to ensure you make the right legal decisions.

How do you allocate their time?

  • You don’t want to waste your legal dollars on having your lawyer do administrative, low-value tasks like filling in templates, faxing documents, and tracking down signatures.
  • You want your attorney to be your partner and align with how you’re working.
  • You want your attorney to be leveraging technology whenever possible, using platforms like Shoobx.

Shoobx vs. Clerky

The Shoobx platform is an integrated solution to help you run every aspect of your company from formation to exit and allows you to work directly with the lawyers in our system. Clerky is a “legal paperwork” company that can help you generate different form documents but is not built for companies past a Series A fundraise. We offer broader and more in-depth services by guiding users through complex processes with workflows that integrate your legal team. Shoobx also offers a guided and configurable review process, and leverages previous company data for new company actions and reporting purposes through multiple financing rounds.

From day one, Shoobx will be your data room, full cap table management solution, employee lifecycle manager, fundraising platform, and more. There are 50+ workflows in Shoobx to handle all corporate activities, including customizing legal documents and generating forms such as non-competes and equity incentive plans, that allow collaboration with your attorney. Shoobx will scale with your company and help you work with your lawyer every step of the way.