Truck Driver Injured Boy, Using Cellphone

Trash Truck Driver Injured Young Boy while using Cellular Phone

It has been reported in the newspaper that a truck driver has been executed with punishment for hitting a 10-year-old boy. He alleged that he was illegally driving the vehicle while using his cellular phone. The use of a cellular phone while driving the vehicle is a crime and the alleged person is dealt with punishment. In this accident, the boy has received injuries on his one leg and he has lost it. The case was sent to the case for the justice and award of compensation for personal injury to the victim which ended with the compensation amount up to Rs.18.5 million.

L.A. is now 10 years old and he had an accident two years before.  He was skating on the skating board and he was going to his Garfield Elementary School located near Kansas Street and Meade Avenue. While crossing the road, he collided with the fast arriving truck and his driver was busy on his cellular phone in November 2011. He struck against the truck and received serious injuries and he also lost one of his legs. The boy was immediately shifted to the hospital where he was provided necessary medical treatment. His other injuries were recovered and he got well after some time but his one leg was lost permanently which was a great loss for the young boy.

Truck Driver Negligence Lawsuit

The family of the boy sued in a court of law against the driver with the allegation that the truck driver was driving the vehicle illegally and that he was also using a cellular phone while driving based on personal injury. This was also a great crime and it could cause the loss of life of any person. It is also reported that the truck driver also took an illegal turn during his driving. The family of the court hired the services of the professional lawyer and he presented necessary information along with proof in the court against the truck driver. The medical report also showed that the victim received serious injuries as well as the loss of one of his legs which resulted in his disability permanently. The court investigated the case thoroughly and also examined the lab reports and medical findings of the case. The witness told the court that she saw that the truck driver was using a cellular phone while driving a truck and she pointed out to the driver that it was against the rule to use it while you were on the road with your vehicle.

The driver did not take notice of his hint to his cellular phone and kept on driving in a similar fashion which caused a fatal accident. The victim had to undergo many operations for his internal personal injuries in this accident. The victim’s family had to face various problems in the last two years including mental tension, financial problems involving his medical treatment, and a permanent disability that will bar him from active participation in his education as well as jobs. This will also tell upon his marital life for the entire life. The court finalized the case with the award of about $18.5 million, which will be paid by the city government.