Remember to have your daily Vitamin D

Vitamin D is a hormone and a metabolic regulator of many processes. For optimal brain health and intelligence-boosting effects, a daily dose of 10000 IU is recommended.

Have your vitamin D levels tested in the laboratory. Aim for 70-100 ng/ml, not more.

Once you have proper levels … you will receive some benefits.

  1. a) Improved brain function
  2. b) Improved Immune System function
  3. c) Better calcium metabolism
  4. d) Improved Fat Loss

The multitude of benefits and lack of side effects means that every health-conscious human should use it, even the most stubborn ones. It is much better to give Vitamin D to everybody than to administer unhealthy vaccines. Vitamin D is normally synthesized by the skin from sunlight, but most places where we are living there is not enough sunlight. Some places, like Finland in the Northern In some time, half of the year almost totally This means people in the most the time were Vitamin D deficient. By taking vitamin D supplements and measuring blood levels until adequate concentration of 70-100 ng / the ml is reached, this issue is solved.

As a side note:

It is normally thought that brain cells don’t grow after person reaches adulthood. Fortunately a for adults, Vitamin D supplementation might increase neurogenesis. This is process of creating new brain cells.